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Web application : zip code store locator software from eMax

eMax store locator software is an AJAX web application for your website. Though a web application it is platform independent and can be installed on any website. It doesn’t matter if your website is PHP, JSP, dot net, asp, python, RoR, CGI-Perl or simple plain HTML. You can install eMax zip code store locator web application in one step copy paste on your webpage irrespective of the platform.

eMax locator design can be customized in terms of dimensions and design to match your website and space on your web page where you want zip code store locator appears.

eMax locator is a hosted solution with reliable hardware and high bandwidth with 99.9% up time. You can easily add store, dealers to the admin panel hosted on You can take once click back ups of your stores and restore in case of emergency. Click here to check out the key features of the web application.

Give it a try absolutely free for 15 days. Once satisfied convert it to regular subscription starts after the end of trial period.
eMax Store locator software
eMax Store locator software