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A complete zip code store finder software solution

A simple yet complete store finder software for your website. Once installed on your website, your website users can find stores by zip code. eMax store finder software will list all stores with their address and products in order of distance in miles from the zip code entered by the user. eMax store finder currently supports Australia, Canada, UK and USA zip codes and postcodes for radius search. We are looking to add other countries to this list soon.

eMax store finder is an easy to use web application with a copy-paste code installation. Keep adding stores to eMax admin panel and the stores will keep appearing in the store search results. Have a look to several demos placed here. There store finder software has many features and is completely customizable. To see a list of key features click here.

eMax gives 15 days free trial for its store finder. Take the opportunity to test drive all its features on your own website absolutely free. Once checked out you can convert your free trial to regular subscription. The subscription starts as low as $18 mo. There is no long term contract. You can pay monthly, quarterly and yearly. The rates are based on number of stores you have.
eMax Store locator software
eMax Store locator software