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A complete zip code locator software solution

If you are looking to integrate a zip code locator to your website, eMax is the answer. You no more need to buy subscription of zip codes and no more need to keep upgrading zip code database. eMax have that covered for you. eMax supports USA zip codes, Canada zip codes, Australia postcodes and UK postcodes.

Now no more worries for you to get the zip code locator software developed and get it integrated to your website. eMax is the one step solution for your zip code locator needs. Just copy a piece of code from eMax Admin panel to your website and the software is installed on your website. You just need to add your stores to control panel with the zip code of each store entered.

eMax locator comes with countless features. Click here to check out a few highlighted features.

If you already have the website and data of stores, go for the 15 days risk free trial and check out the application in action. You can convert your trial to regular subscription anytime.
eMax Store locator software
eMax Store locator software