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A feature rich store locator software

eMax locator only needs you to have a list of your stores and your website. Add all your store to eMax locator through admin panel, copy a piece of code to your website and it is ready for the show. Visitors of your website can than easily search for the store near the zip code they enter. You can also give them the facility to add radius in miles along with the zip code to search.

eMax store locator software comes with integrated Google map driving directions to your stores. eMax locator currently supports Australia, Canada, UK and USA stores for zip code search. But we are looking to add more countries soon to eMax store locator software.

There is a demo airport locator on this page and there are other demos to check here. The demos are to demonstrate the features, scalability and efficiency of eMax store locator. Don’t miss to check them out.

Beyond demos, We also offer 15 days free trial which than can be converted to regular subscription. Click here to grab the trial.
eMax Store locator software
eMax Store locator software