Step By Step Integration Guide

STEP : 1 Installation

First of all download the full API. It can be downloaded from download API link in Help section of your admin control panel. We have limited the API download to logged in users only.

The API is located in the file you downloaded ( Please note that the package contains core API file as well as a sample application for your reference.

Please follow the steps below after you have finished downloading the api:

  • Extract the contents of the archive ( to your root web directory where you want to run the application.
  • Once you browse through the extracted files you will see a directory called emaxlibrary. That directory contains core API files.
  • Please run compatibilitytest.php on your server. (compatibilitytest.php file is already there in the archive you downloaded.)
  • If compatibility test gives issues please fix them before you go further. (API requires PHP – XML extension enabled on your server.)
  • Index.php file and all other files than mentioned above are actually part of the sample code supplied. You can delete them if you don’t want to check the sample.(keeping the files does not harm though.)

STEP 2 : Authentication credentials

Please open the eMaxApi.config.php file in editor and change the credentials in the API configuration file.

  1. eMaxUsername : Set this to your username on eMax.
  2. eMaxAPIKey : Set this to the API key you generated from your eMax admin panel. You can generate API Key following steps below.
    • Log in to eMax admin panel.
    • Go to Configure tab.
    • Make sure API Version is active in configuration section. If now activate it by clicking it.
    • Please click the Installation link there.
    • You will see an option to generate the API key there.
  3. googleAPIKey : If you want to use google Maps on your application please set your google Map Api Key. If you don’t want to use maps you can leave it blank. (Please note that normal address map would still work without google API, Google Maps API is only needed in case you want to use showGoogleMap function.) If you don’t know how to get google map API key. Please click here to read the article.

STEP 3 : Start developing your application

  • The primary thing you need to develop the application is to include the api library on your application page.<?php require_once(“eMaxAPI.class.php”); ?>
  • After inclusion you need to create instance of eMax Object. This is how your beginning code should look:


    $myEmax = new eMaxClient;


You can than use all API functions on $myEmax Instance. The most basic and frequently used functions are listStores, getTotalResult and getStoreDetails.

Please click here to see all functions and complete API reference guide.
eMax Store locator software
eMax Store locator software