Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does eMax Store Locator Software contain any advertisements? Back to questions
    Any version of eMax Store Locator Software does not contain any type of advertisement or credit link.
  • What if I don't want to pay through Pay pal. Do you offer any other Method of Payment? Back to questions
    We accept only Pay pal at the moment as a payment option. However you can contact us if you want to pay by check or wire transfer. It depends whether we can accept it or not based on where you are located.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade My Subscription. What happens to the remaining Amount Balance in such a case? Back to questions
    In order to upgrade or downgrade your subscription or to change the billing period you will need to cancel your current subscription and create a new subscription profile. Before cancelling your subscription of the existing account you are required to take the back up of your store data and than restore that with the new account. If you are unsure please contact us and we will do the transfer of your account data to the new account. Please make sure than we only keep user data only for 15 days after cancellation after that the data is automatically removed.
  • Does our website visitors leave our site for zip location search? Back to questions
    No. Your website visitors will never leave your site when they search for the locations. They will have the experience like they are doing it on your website only. There are no Iframes as well. So the Visitors are always on your website.
  • Which Country's Zip codes are supported? Back to questions
    USA, UK, Australia and Canada Zip codes are Supported for the zip code radius (miles) is supported. However, If you have locations in any other countries you may still use eMax Store Locator Software Solution for those stores but the viewer will not be able to search by radius within zip code.
  • How can we renew the subscription? Back to questions
    You don't need to renew your subscription manually. Your subscription will be auto renewed through your PayPal account or credit card. All you need to make sure is that your credit card is active on renew date.
  • Do you provide installation services? Back to questions
    There is no fancy installation required to integrate the eMax Store Locator Software Solution. You just need to copy and paste a small piece of code on your website page where you want the application to be placed. If you have any issues integrating you can always contact the support at eMax Store Locator Software Solution. If you need us to install and integrate eMax API you can contact us and we will be happy to do that for you for nominal fees. The fees for the same depends on the design and the flow your want for your locator.
  • What are the server requirements to run eMax Store Locator Software Solution on my Website? Back to questions
    There is absolutely no server requirements to run the widget version on your website. If your website is working on your server widget version will work. All search and database functionality is carried out on our server and results are displayed on your website. For the API version we provide free API with PHP source code and sample locator. To use API version on platforms other than PHP you need to access the XML feed provided and do the programming accordingly.
  • Are there any other costs than mentioned? Back to questions
    There are absolutely no hidden Costs. All the prices are listed when your buy the product.
  • Do you provide source code with the software? Back to questions
    No. Because this is a hosted solution and the operations carried out on eMax Store Locator Software Solution server no source code is required to be supplied. Thus, you may not be able to change the functionality yourself by modifying code. However, if you are a paid member and if you have a specific requirement or change needed we may do that for you on paid basis. We provide free PHP API source download if you want to integrate API version with your website.
  • Can I run same software on Multiple websites I own? Back to questions
    Because the software is licensed for a single domain you will not be able to run on Multiple Websites with a single account. To run it on multiple website you need to register for another subscription and than in that account you need to set your main account as master account.
  • I don't want to pay periodically on subscription bases. Can I buy software once for all? Back to questions
    The periodical charges are because this is a hosted solution so there are recurring expenses for us as well. Further being a hosted solution we are able to provide free upgrades all the time. The software can not be bought once for all, however, if you want to subscribe for longer periods than suggested we can offer you a discounted price.
eMax Store locator software
eMax Store locator software