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A full fledged dealer locator software

Having country wide dealer network? Do you want your website visitors to locate dealers nearby them? eMax dealer locator software is the solution for you. Add your dealers to eMax admin panel. If you already have a list of dealers just use the CSV import feature and all your dealers will automatically be added to eMax.

Once you added all your dealers just copy a small code to a page of your website where you want the dealer locator to show. This is it! your dealer locator software is ready for your website users. They will start finding dealers entering zip code.

If you have different dealers for different products. You can add products to each dealer easily. And users can find dealers by product as well.

eMax dealer locator software is a complete solution for you at very affordable prices. Check out all the demos and after that grab 15 days free trial to completely test it out on your dealers and website.
eMax Store locator software
eMax Store locator software