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A zip code based branch locator software

A well spread business suggests it has a number of branches spread all over the country or may be the world. eMax branch locator software has you covered for your branches located in Australia, Canada, UK and USA. If you are a bank, courier, a restaurant or a company having branches, use eMax branch locator software to give your website users the ability to locate your branches by zip code.

You are not required to buy expensive subscriptions to zip code databases. You are not required to create a branch locator software for your website either. Opt for eMax locator and you are done in a copy paste. Keep adding your branches and user will keep finding them on your website.

You can also categorize your branch if it is for specific operation. For example, for a bank a branch can be ATM, Normal Banking branch, International Banking branch etc.

Check out the demos here.

eMax Store locator software
eMax Store locator software