eMax zip code store locator software for websites.

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eMax Store Locator Software Features
  • Available in Widget version and API version.
  • Zip code search for Australia, Canada, UK and USA.
  • Easily Customize the design of the store locator to match your website.
  • Integrate maps and driving directions to your locations.
  • Allow your website users to add stores and locations.
  • Easy to use hosted store management control panel. Manage stores easily.

Looking for Affordable zip code store locator software ?

eMax brings you the complete yet the simplest zip code store locator software for websites. All you need is to add your stores to eMax store locator. eMax gives you a small piece of code to copy to your website. Use that code on any webpage of your website and you are done. This is not all, You can customize the store locator software the way you want, be it the design, the functionality or the features. eMax supports USA zip codes, Canada zip codes, Australia postcodes and UK postcodes with radius in miles search.

Amongst its many features eMax locator has the key feature of auto integrated Google maps and driving directions of each store. You can add a picture (logo or photo) and a link to YouTube video to each store. The locator also supports USA Airport proximity. Please check the list of key features of eMax store locator software here.

eMax store locator is free for 15 days to try and easily affordable to buy. No long term contract is required. You can opt for monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription.Pricing is based on the number of stores. eMax store locator software starts at as low as $18 mo. Act now! Get 15 days trial absolutely free!

Client testimonials

eMax zip code store locator does exactly what it says and some more. Their response to support queries is timely, responsible and high quality. They have a solution for all our zip code locator needs. We are very happy and satisfied with the product and wish them very best.
warren scott

Unmatched support quality, super product and affordable price is what I got from eMax store locator after getting disappointed by our old provider. Our stores are located in USA, Canada and UK and this store locator works like a charm for all of them. I give 10 our of 10 to eMax. Thumbs up !!
chris bonack

How it works:

eMax store locator is a hosted solution. All your stores data is entered in the admin panel on secure eMax server.

Once the stores are entered put a piece of code on your website and the store locator software starts running on your website.
eMax Store locator software
eMax Store locator software